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Elon Musk SpaceX

Elon Musk SpaceX

Manifest Destiny - Space

Vote for Elon Musk to become the glorious leader of the Galactic Warrior Empire!

Monopolize space, and Why Not?

We could probably get better rates than from the government when he decides to sell estates on the moon. Make sure we do not have to pay homeowners association fees. What a ripoff!

Let's not dilly dally about the moon. It is too small. Let's go big-leagued. Buy parches to breed giant lizards as ranchers on Mars! With such grandiose opportunities, isn't this a better solution than buying ocean beachfront property in Arizona before the next earthquake in California?

When Mr. Musk plunders asteroids, imagine how high the value of our stock will go in the financial markets when he unloads mountains of gold-pressed latinum.

Forget about overly abundant gold. Focus on precious metals!

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