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Our glorious adventure begins with a story is about the life of a Trumpster.

We are proud to be called "deplorables," a decadent term bestowed upon us by the morally corrupt Madame "Big House" Clinton. Fortunately, we are not the true heirs of decadence oozing from the swamp creatures.

Swamp CreaturesThere is a night and day difference between Trumpsters and socialist/progressive (whatever climate change term they are using nowadays) dimwits.

On the streets, wearing a Trump hat (cover in military chat) gets a  Trumpster assaulted in Hollywood, "Sh*thole" California or New York, "Gotham" City.

Facebook is hunting us down. Facebook keeps surprising Pro-Trump Support pages and groups with new rules prohibiting political content.

Fake MediaMedia Outlets like Fox News, Breitbart, Alex Jones, Dr. Michael Savage, a few brave politicians like Jordan, Nunes, Gaetz, and a few courageous leaders like Sara Carter, Tom Fitton, Joe Digenova and Alan Dershowitz can't come to the rescue and save each one of us from evil-doers.

President Trump can't save each one of us even though he freed Josh from Venezuela, and many others. He is pardoning "Citizens of America" handled unfairly.

Against the world, Trumpsters must jump into the trenches and fight back. We must stand together and repel unwarranted attacks by violent thugs.

Our battle is not a fist fight. It's about who wins the "Game of Smarts," a conflict between lunatics and those of us seeking love and peace through strength and moral fortitude. 

It involves more than just the basic "yes or no" solutions that the egomaniacs from Hollywood spew out every day. It's not about black or white. It's not about what is right and wrong that racists decry every day.

There are always "fifty shades of gray." Nuances exist in our real lives. They preside over any unwavering philosophies.

All Hail to the Almighty Lord Trump, Master of the Universe!

Today, we have a rare opportunity to change the course of human evolutionary development in the known universe. We can no longer tolerate the ridiculous antics of the political extremists. We must exterminate the deep-state world order that has controlled our lives for centuries.

So far, we are moving at a pace that the world has never been seen before in the history of the world. Smart countries are quickly adapting to refreshing transformation. We are making a better world a very cozy place to live.

Trumpster, fire them all!While every American should make important decisions like education, work, relationships and death, there are a core of principles that we cannot shake off, like how much we respect God, family, friends and strangers.

We want people to succeed! We want to do whatever it takes to provide great jobs, improve the inner cities, improve education and make our rural communities prosper.

Trumpsters seek love, peace and prosperity. seek peace and prosperity. Yes, America comes first but we wish to pass these tenets to a brave new world with colorful solutions. Like a popular country song from the boys of Alabama like to sing, "you can only paint the picture once."

Therefore, we believe that President Trump seeks a smarter world, a stronger world, a safer. Together, we will make our world great!

Make America Great Again

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Let's "Have Fun in the Sun!"

This blog is serious but delivered at times to be playful. We are a peaceful group. We do not condone speech delivered to promote any form of violence.

Join Trump Space ForceIt is an abomination when mainstream media broadcasts news and editorials that range between 90 - 95% opinion against President Trump.

President Donald J. Trump cannot be influenced by retarded mainstream media.

Join us in our quest to avenge the Democratic Party.

They got brainwashed due to countless nights of watching Comedy Central. They were forced-fed CNN. They got deluged by fake news outlets like MSNBC and read the diabolical New York Times and Washington Post. In desperation, they succumbed to the entertainment section of the Huffington Post to read more garbage.

Queen Melania

President Trump and Melania 2020No fear! First Lady Melania Trump shall never leave his side.

In fact, she is inside the tank blasting away while Lord Trump tweets his next move - and enjoys the ride of his life.

Princess Ivanka and Knights Don, Jr. Eric, and Sir Barron are forging their paths so that the Trump Dynasty rules for another thousand years!


The Deplorables celebrated the greatest victory in the history of the United States of America on Independence Day - July 4, 2017.

Trumpster writes editorials and accepts approved opinions from internal and external sources.

Trumpster is a political advocacy group that consists of opinions linked to reputable sources.

Trumpster promoties PRO-TRUMP politicians and media pundits.

Our Mission

We are not organized to operate Trumpster as a daily business.

Trumpster was organized to attract like-minded people in a constructive, but playful environment.

Trumpster is an amateur website. All of our projects, blogs and websites are subject to revisions and improvements as time permits.

Our primary purpose is to disseminate the flow of information. Help us spread the word about the global freedom movement. Let's do this together.

Our activities include news reporting, production or sponsorship of short documentaries to highlight important political and economic events that are distorted by mainstream media.

Our activities include showing up to participate at Pro-Trump Rallies and related activities, building alliances, improving our lives and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Trumpster does not directly solicit contributions nor directly contribute to any political entity. It is accomplished entirely by third parties. Discretion advised.

Buy all your Trumpster gear at the Trump Store. 100% of all proceeds go directly into the pockets of the President.

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