About Spatial Anomalies


About Spatial Anomalies

[UPDATE: Spacetime Continuum is not ready. As time permits, this website will be improved during the fourth quarter of 2019.]

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We have not landed a man on the moon for almost fifty years. There is absolutely no excuse for the intermittent delays to get back to space and discover our solar system at the very least.

Through the years, spectacular research has been accomplished but there does not seem to be enough enthusiasm (mainstream and public recognition) of the accomplishments.

Therefore, we decided to publish content that may not be current; and yet, it is current for those of us who don't have a clue about many of the accomplishments until now.

We will give credit and recognition in the hope that we can promote and distribute the material posted at Spacetime Continuum.


Spacetime Continuum is a creative think tank. From the ridiculous to sublime reality, join us in our quest to acquire basic scientific knowledge!

Spacetime Continuum is an Internet media production outlet devoted to publishing and distributing opinions linked to reputable sources.

Spacetime Continuum writes editorials and aggregates the news. We accept editorial content from internal and external sources.

Sphere of Engagement

We are involved in a wide variety of exciting activities.

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Your PiC Chat

Your PiC Chat

Our Mission

We are not organized to operate Spacetime Continuum as a daily business.

Spacetime Continuum was organized to attract like-minded people in a constructive, but action-oriented environment.

Spacetime Continuum is an amateur website. All of our projects, blogs, and websites are subject to revisions and improvements as time permits.

Our primary purpose is to disseminate the flow of information. Help us spread the word about the global freedom movement. Let's do this together.

Your membership co-sponsors coverage of global events that popular news outlets do not adequately cover.

Our activities include news reporting, production or sponsorship of mini-documentaries to highlight controversial political, economic and social issues that are distorted by mainstream media.

Our activities include showing up to participate at rallies and related activities, building alliances, improving our lives and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Spacetime Continuum does not directly solicit contributions nor directly contribute to any political entity. It is accomplished entirely by third parties. Discretion advised.

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